Dec 9, 2012

Looking for Desi Lover?

The blogs with hot desi guys are being deleted so often, I wonder why? I found Desi men the most sexy and natural lovers with no inhabitation. The rights of LGBT people are changing in South Asia but i believe it is going to take long time to ease the general public perception on gay people in this part of the world and so it is important to show your affection between males on the web. Please send me your pictures or videos and i can use my blog as platform for Free desi Men to show what they got to offer!! I have many friends who met their desi lovers thru websites and now they live happily together in a relationship, enjoying the benefits of traveling around the world. And hopefully one day all of South Asia will have the same rights like in France where there is no difference in law for straight or LGBT people.


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  5. nice pics.... want some more indian gay videos......

    1. great we are working on it, more hot gay desi videos on your blog

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