Dec 31, 2015

New directions in 2016

Returning Free desi guys back online and changing directions, i would like to become this blog more raunchy, fetish and perverse sex posts. I notice lot of Indian men are into dirty sex, which turns me on as of late too, seeing hot desi hole opening and farting, gapping air to beg for a cock to slide in and fuck the shit of it is an ultimate fantasies. Juicy hairy crack dripping cum after horny sesion asking for a lick, yellow hot piss feeling all over my chest ... name it, let's do it !!!

Happy New year 2016

Wishing everyone great year coming, enjoy sex, drinking and party with friends and do it to 100% of the time i know i will, Indian men are sexy, let's party

Oct 26, 2014

Sri Lankan men

I recently hook up with two Sri Lankan desi Guys and i was taken by their natural hairy pubes area, and i became totataly addicted to it, NO MORE SHAVING !!!!

Oct 25, 2014

Desi Gay Desires: Tempting - Theo 7

Desi Gay Desires: Tempting - Theo 7: Hot and sexy desi model Theo's one more nude shoot, look at his pre cum dripping !     Previous Posts: Tempting - Theo 1...